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I’m Tim, a 22 year old self-taught designer and solopreneur currently residing in Spokane, Washington. By day, I remove viruses and fix operating systems at Geek Squad. By night, I build and launch online products that solve real problems for people.

When I was 19 years old, I hired a developer and started building an app that was later acquired by a larger brand. I worked at that startup for another couple years and began freelancing resume design on the side. Demand grew to be out of control which led me to launch a resume design service that was ultimately unsuccessful. In the meantime I had launched a crochet bowtie brand on Kickstarter. I then returned to the resume industry to launch a micro-variation of the original idea, meaning, I designed resume templates for Creative Market. I now spend time doing client work on Upwork.

It has also been my pleasure to be featured in Growth Hackers, Javelin, Geekwire, The Fizzle Show, Red Lemon Club, and Side Hustle School.

Feel free to reach out, say hello, or ask a question. I respond to every email.